How to get to Heaven with the Hutterites


How to get to Heaven with the Hutterites

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TX 7th March 2013

In the middle of the Canadian prairies, 100km from the nearest city, there lives a group of people who have separated themselves from what they refer to as 'the world'.  Usually an intensely private people, there are 50,000 Hutterites living in remote areas of America and Canada and they share some of the same beliefs as the Amish. 

Leading a life they believe is ordained by God, Hutterites say that living communally and leading a simple, humble existence, eschewing personal wealth and luxury and with few personal possessions and no TV, is the path to heaven.

But Hutterite life is not for everyone – living with the same 100 people all your life is not easy.  With exclusive access, the film follows 19-year-old Kelly Hofer secretly running away from his community and the only life he has ever known.....seeking out the world beyond.  A talented photographer whose work was not fully accepted by the elders of his community, young people like Kelly are referred to as 'runaways' because usually they leave in secret for fear of being dissuaded from going.  They vanish often in the middle of the night - and their parents discover an empty bed and a note the next morning.

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