Meet the Mormons


Meet the Mormons

1 X 60’
Channel 4

A journey inside the world of Mormons in the UK - and a church that guards both public image and its members carefully.  

The film follows 20-year-old Josh from Sussex as he becomes a missionary and attempts to convert the people of Leeds to Mormonism.  For two years he must submit to the extreme rules of the church: he's forbidden from seeing any of his family or friends even though they live just a few hundred miles away.  His words and actions are constantly observed: he has to be in the presence of another missionary at all times – they must always be in the same room together and the only time they are allowed to be apart, is to go to the bathroom. The aim is to stop the young missionaries breaking the rules and returning home. 

But there were rules for the film-maker too. Throughout the filming process, the church insisted a representative be present – a ‘minder’ sitting a few feet away at all times.  The idea was to listen to all the conversations and monitor everything said between Josh and the film-maker. 

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