My Monkey Baby



My Monkey Baby 

1 x 60’ 
Channel 4 
TX 2009

When your children have grown up and moved out and the house is miserably empty,  how do you fill the gap?   The answer apparently is to get yourself a monkey  –  or rather a ‘monkid’ as the thousands of monkeys who live as members of a family in America,  are known.

So to us Jessica Marie may be a Capuchin monkey but to monkey mom and dad Lori and Jim,  ‘she’s our daughter,  100 per cent.’   The couple dress her in pretty frilly frocks,  spoil her rotten with her favourite sweeties,  and even has a place at the table  –  in her high chair.

A wry but gentle portrait of families for whom a 'monkid' represents family.

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