The Conman, his Lover and the Prime Minister’s Wife


The Conman, his Lover and the Prime Minister’s Wife

1 X 60’ special
TX 2003

The inside story of the relationship between an international conman and Carole Caplin, personal trainer and confidante to the former Prime Minister’s wife,  Cherie Blair, in a saga which plunged the Blair government into crisis. 

The tabloids dubbed the affair  ‘Cheriegate’.  When Cherie Blair wanted some advice on a property deal in Bristol,  she turned to her friend Carole  –  who in turn relied on her lover Peter Foster to assist. The only problem was, Foster was an international conman and when Downing Street initially denied any connection between Foster and Cherie, the Prime Minister’s wife was forced to make a public apology.  

With Carole’s close relationship with the Blairs now in tatters, Carole agreed to take part in the documentary.  Her home was under siege from the Press, she believed her phone to be tapped, and the special relationship she had with the Blairs was all but over.   But as the filming begins, what no one knew on the outside, was that Carole and Foster were still very much together.  Did Foster target Carole just because of her connections to the Blairs?  Did he love Carole?  And how could Carole possibly still love the man who had cost her a precious relationship with the Blairs?  

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