Camila’s Kids Company: the Inside Story

With intimate and unique access, the unfolding story of  the demise of one of Britain’s best-known charities and the ultimate fall from grace of its founder Camila Batmanghelidjh.


‘Camila’s Kids Company… is an extraordinary film. I’ve read the papers and watched Newsnight and everything, but this is a different view… To claim that there’s no mismanagement there is bonkers, and you can feel Alleway’s growing frustration, disappointment and sadness behind the camera as she starts to lose faith in her subject, a woman she has filmed before and whom she clearly admires.’ Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

‘Camila’s Kids Company: The Inside Story took its maker on a cruel journey from supportive admiration to abject disillusionment. As the moment of truth marched ever closer towards Batmanghelidjh’s bunker, Alleway, her voice quavering, pleaded with her to take some responsibility for the crisis… Alleway never doubted the woman’s motives, but the moral of her film was that love is never all you need.’ Andrew Billen, The Times

1 x 60’
BBC1 9pm
Century Films
Exec Producer: Katie Bailiff