Baby Hospital

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: a birth that goes wrong or a baby born early.  This three-part series at Liverpool Women’s Hospital looks at the one in ten cases where things don’t go to plan and for every story of miraculous survival, there is a story of tragic and heart-wrenching loss. 


'You could almost reach out and touch the hope, faith and love in the air… real, raw, human stories of heartache and joy… a very gentle and, at times, intensely sad and emotional hour of television… giving us a glimpse into this world… presenting it in a sober, dignified and straightforward way.' Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Evening Echo

'Allowing cameras in at such harrowing times is remarkable, and the families' willingness to talk openly is humbling.' Daily Mirror

Read Lynn’s Telegraph article about the making of the series.

3 x 60'
ITV 9pm