Broken Homes


Three families and the affect of divorce on their children. Tragically for the children, nearly half of all fathers lose all contact with their children within two years of divorcing. 


'Documentaries no less than feature films, have their auteurs. Lynn Alleway’s talent lies in persuading ordinary people to go before the camera and talk openly about their personal lives.' The Times

'A sensitive and insightful portrait ….Broken Homes was all the more remarkable since director Lynn Alleway resisted the temptation to exploit her subjects in favour of letting them reveal and explain themselves.' The Guardian

'Alleway’s determination to portray these divorces without hype or voyeurism makes it all the more engrossing.' Time Out

'A commentary-free study of three broken families, extremely well directed by Lynn Alleway... these stories had been given a clarity and density which the novel rarely attains anymore.' Sunday Telegraph

'There’s no moralizing analysis, statistics or experts; unusually there’s little sense of exploitation of the subjects either…There’s something of everything here: bitterness and sadness and pettiness and rather astonishing altruism.' The Guardian

1 x 50’
BBC2 ‘Modern Times’ series 9pm