How to get to Heaven with the Hutterites

In the middle of the Canadian prairies, 100km from the nearest city, there lives a group of people who have separated themselves from what they refer to as 'the world'.  Living an isolated life in communities of just 100 people, eschewing personal wealth and with few personal possessions, this they say, is the path to heaven…


‘One man’s isolated religious community is another man’s cult. And, as this fascinating documentary suggests, the line between the two is often far from clear... Alleway probes gently at fault lines underpinning gender roles, a limited gene pool and the general, all-pervading sense of utter joylessness. And eventually, she manages a film that’s revealing, thought-provoking and even mildly poetic... The result is a surprising, stirring and strangely beautiful climax as one community member strains against the stifling orthodoxy.‘ Time Out

‘An intimate, intriguing film by Lynn Alleway.’ The Observer

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1 X 60’
BBC2 9pm
TX 7th March 2013