Meet the Mormons

A journey inside the world of a Mormon missionary as he submits to the extreme rules of the church, cutting himself off from friends and family. With his every word and action monitored, 20-year-old Josh will spend two years always in the presence of another missionary, being apart only to use the bathroom. 


‘Alleway's achievement was to communicate a sense of what an enormous emotional sacrifice all this was for a young man brought up strictly in the faith, in a style that was warm, witty and at times, almost maternally concerned.’ The Independent on Sunday

‘The problem is not that their beliefs might seem a little unusual, but that they tried to control the making of this film through the constant presence of a minder. In PR terms, it is an own goal of epic proportions… (The missionary) becomes lonely and desolate, and it is like watching a child being psychologically abused by strangers who insist they have his best interests at heart.’ The Times

1 x 60'
Channel 4 9pm