My Monkey BabY

When your children have moved out and the house is miserably empty, how do you fill the gap? The answer apparently in America is to get yourself a monkey – or rather a ‘monkid’ as the thousands of monkeys who live as members of a family are known. So to us Jessica Marie may be a Capuchin monkey but to monkey mom and dad Lori and Jim, ‘she’s our daughter, 100 per cent.’


'The documentary maker Lynn Alleway specialises in engagingly off-beat films with a twist in the tail (you may recall The Conman, His Lover and the Prime Minister’s Wife in which Alleway, camera in hand, followed her former friend Carole Caplin through the eye of the ‘Cheriegate' storm). In My Baby Monkey, the twist was in the tail.' Kathryn Flett, The Observer

1 x 60'
Channel 4  9pm