Robbie’s War: the Rise and Fall of a Playboy Billionaire

Once one of the richest men in Britain, property tycoon Robbie Tchenguiz embarked on a ten-year crusade to save his crumbling billion-pound empire. As one of the most litigious men in the country, Robbie believes he is the victim of injustice.



‘Where do you even begin with Robbie Tchenguiz?… This documentary… follows Tchenguiz’s battle from his Mayfair office as he and his team conduct the biggest private litigation by an individual in the UK. And just when you think it couldn’t get any more complicated, Tchenguiz, a one-time notorious Riviera playboy, starts dating an eccentric 27-year-old Polish Instagram star, with the happy couple cohabiting with Tchenguiz’s estranged wife, Heather Bird, and their two children. Forget the one-off documentary — give the Tchenguizes their own reality TV show. In the future historians will watch this film to try to and help them fathom the weirdness that was the 21st century.’ Chris Bennion, The Times

1 x 60'
BBC2 9pm
Century Films
Exec Producer: Katie Bailiff