Whatever Happened to Gareth Gates?

Gareth Gates shot to fame in the first ever Pop Idol series - only to be ridiculed in the space of a couple of years. After two years out of the limelight, Gareth emerges from the shadows. At the tender age of 22 he prepares to make a comeback.


'Makes for interesting and oddly touching viewing… because it says so much about the transient nature of celebrity and the fate of those who are fleetingly sprinkled with its magic dust… this unmissable documentary.' The Daily Mail

'“I wasn’t born on a TV show” says Gates… it’s like watching what happened to Truman after he broke through the paper horizon… it’s palpable evidence of what happens when you shoot someone out of the reality cannon.' The Guardian

1 x 60'
ITV 9pm
Christmas Saturday night special
7m viewers